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We've got the people, you've got the products - our first Meet Your Market Event!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Last week it was all systems go on our first-ever Meet Your Market event. Check out some of the shots below. We had some great products in our Research Hub for the day, including taste-testing crisp flavours, apple tasting, a brand new, top-secret new vegetable, plus a branding review for a new-to-market product that hasn't even made it to the shops yet!

We had some really positive feedback from our clients too;

“Excellent facilities and the room was full of food enthusiasts all thoroughly engaged in their panellist roles. The support of the England Marketing team in ensuring our questions were well formulated and delivering robust data was so helpful. A really useful way to gain first principles insight before delving deeper.”

'Meet Your Market ticked a big box for us in the product development process. Taking part couldn’t have been simpler and I can’t quite believe the value our brand got for taking part! I love that England Marketing now have a solution for every budget.'

We welcomed 100 people through the doors on a miserable January afternoon and sent them on their way with a tenner in their back pocket and the knowledge that they had helped out some fantastic challenger brands and start-ups that day.

Being able to host these events is so important to us for two reasons:

  1. The fondness for food that our panellists have cannot be understated. It's the reason we set up a food-centred panel because there is no other consumer panel that deals exclusively with how food is produced, sold, prepared, and eaten. Gauging reactions from engaged audiences gives brands and products a heads-up on what is coming up for them in the long term - not just a view of what is happening right now.

  2. We want to see new brands and products flourish. The food business is the fastest of all in the FMCG industry, it's the hardest hit in the toughest times, and the one with the most stakeholders and the most complicated supply chains. Fewer than 10% of food start-ups make it - we want to give them the best access to the best research we can, at a price that isn't prohibitive, to help them grow and flourish.

If you want to register your interest to showcase your product and get real results from 100 consumer reviews - sign up here to be notified of the next date.

If you want to join the panel, then you can find out more and learn how to apply here:

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