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Waste not want not

The Research Hub gives us the space for a fully immersive research experience like never before. It is the shapeshifter of all research tools which can morph into endless scenarios to achieve even the most ambitious research aims. We have the space, the monitoring technology and the not to mention the creativity to become a shop floor, supermarket aisle, restaurant pop up café etc One of the questions we are asked a lot by members of our very own consumer panel and also some of the clients is;

'But what do you do will all the leftovers…?'

It's in our culture to ensure we are behaving in the most responsible way, which means where possible - we try to avoid waste at all times. Last week we had quite the glut of scrummy apples left from our tasting session that were looking for a home. Our much loved farm donkeys Wonky and Ash thought all their christmasses had come at once and scoffed the lot. Even Barnaby the sheep got involved. They seem to be hanging around The Research Hub end of their field ever since… !

This week we had the contents of an entire florist to put to good use...courtesy of MM Flowers who we were running an immersive researchpiece for. Locally, we have a number of retirement homes, so we made a few calls, gathered armfuls of flowers each, filling the boot of the car and had the residents of Doddington Court, Rose Cottage, Ashleigh Court and Roslyn Court muster as many vases as they could.

The end result was many a brightened day, zero waste as well as an enormous sense of satisfaction on our part.

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