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TikTok Food Trends: love them, hate them… or frankly just confused by them!

TikTok is a haven for us foodies, with endless cooking and eating videos to sit and scroll through for hours on end. Lately, however, we’ve noticed some food-related content that millions of people love to watch that we were surprised to see be so popular! From Mukbang to plate-ups, noodles mania to putting entire meals inside a wrap… TikTok has something for everyone who enjoys food!

So, what on earth is a Mukbang?!

Mukbang rose to popularity in South Korea in the 2010s and has since taken social media by storm. The videos are simply of somebody eating food, sometimes chatting in between bites, or even in total silence. Some Mukbang content creators even blend their Mukbang videos with ASMR to hit two trends in one go! And Watching other people eat shows no indication of becoming any less popular in 2024, with even more influencers jumping on the bandwagon. If Mukbang sounds like something you’d be intrigued to check out, some of my favourite Mukbang accounts on TikTok are @sanaaeats, @keilapacheco, @majieatss, and @bonggilontiktok. If you like to be the first to know about upcoming food trends they are also worth a look as these often emerge as a result of what Mukbangers are eating. Some that spring to mind are instant noodles, burritos, the In & Out Flying Dutchman burgers wrapped in grilled onions and, of course, Wingstop!

Plate-ups Galore!

Watching other people plate up their evening meals has burst into popularity in recent months. Famous faces such as Megan McKenna (@meganmckenna), have taken full advantage of the trend, showing their fans not only what they are having for their dinner, but even how they present it on their plate. Megan in particular has flourished on TikTok thanks to plate-ups, and has even brought out her own gluten-free cookbook after further demand for her fabulous looking meals… and yes, I will be buying it!  Other popular plate-up content creators that you might want to take a look at include @chloeroseofcl, @laurenkategriffiths, @sabrinacorrinx, and @itsdaddymay.

Noodle Mania!

Who would have thought that something as simple as the humble instant noodle could catch so many people’s attention?! Through strategic partnerships with key foodie Tiktokers, Buldak noodles have grown their popularity to new heights. Michael Finch (@michaelfinch) makes the most delicious ramen dishes with their products, as well as @casseyeungmoney and @ggflavour, and these have all led to TikTok shop seeing Buldak noodle sales flourish, with regular flash sales and offers. Buldak even produced their own noodle advent calendar to showcase all their different flavours.

Wraps rule the World!

I enjoy a fajita and a hoisin duck wrap as much as the next foodie, but some TikTokers have taken wraps to the next level. The self-confessed wrap god (@wrapgodofficial) has built an entire brand around his love of putting anything and everything inside of a wrap. He has even been known to put whole Indian or Chinese takeaways inside of wraps, with the same going for kebabs, pizzas, KFC, and even cakes! Another king of the wrap game is Oli Paterson (elburritomonster), who is more than happy to make any food under the sun into burrito form… including his Christmas dinner leftovers! Through his love for wrapping, Oli has bagged brand deals with the likes of Myprotein, Harvester x Pepsi Max, Quorn, Kikkoman and Doritos!

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