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Proof (sorry more bread puns!) our panel is best in class!

For a recent research project we asked over 150 taste testers from the panel to score sourdough loaves for their taste attributes with a view to finding out what makes a ‘perfect sourdough’. Normally in taste testing you would rate an attribute from appealing to not appealing, and give a final result by counting up the scores of 1-5 and seeing which recipe came out on top.

But if it was as simple as playing with a spreadsheet, that would leave our data scientist out of a job. By putting the data through its paces we don’t just give our clients a podium style result, we can give a full breakdown of audience, barriers, likelihood of purchase and many more variables cross referenced against demographics and shopping habits. So, when it comes to deciding which product to launch where, when, and targeted at who, the data has done most of the work - it's our job to find the story in the data.

What is so special about the panel?

At risk of sounding a little bit Liam Neeson, the England Marketing Panel have a special set of skills….they aren’t ‘randos’ pulled off the street on any given day, they are selected for their likelihood to replicate a genuine customer or audience member of the products or attitudes we test…and they really love to give feedback – special shout out to the person who gave us a 500 word essay on the last project!

Prove it! (Sorry, not sorry!)

Back to the sourdough, we have a hypothesis from the attitudinal and behavioural study we undertook prior to taste testing that people prefer a certain type of sourdough. Over 80% of our wonderful taste testers scored the different samples in perfect alignment with the hypothesis, not only that, we matched up what each of them said they did with what they actually did to double check our findings.

This means we can be confident in delivering not just robust statistical data, but also the rarity in market research where you have accuracy in what people say they do and what they actually do.

Not a member yet?

If this and other food opportunities are interesting to you, you can join our panel for free and we will send you any opportunities that you have told us are within your field of interest. There are free prize draws, cash incentives, at home taste testing and opinion research on lots of things affecting what we eat and drink! Sign up via the link below;

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