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Below are our current agricultural research projects for you to get involved with. Have a read through and see if any tickle your fancy.

Rather than keep coming back to our website for research opportunity updates, why not join our panel? That way you will be emailed directly, making it that bit easier for you to share you opinions on topics that matter to you!

Research opportunity for Farmers interested in Biodiversity

What? - A 25 minute survey regarding who should be funding biodiversity on farms and farmers opinions on the topic of biodiversity

Who? - We are looking for 300 farmers based in the UK

Why? - You will receive £20

Research opportunity for Farmers who care about British produce

What? - A 15 minute phone call survey asking your opinion on whether we should be using British grown beans to feed livestock, as apposed to imported soya beans.

Who? - We are looking for 400 farmers based in the UK

Why? - You will have 5 chances to win £100

Live projects

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