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We were very happy with the work completed on this project and the standard of reporting under tight time scales and challenging supply chain issues.


Hannah Martin | Commercial Director



Worldwide Fruit were in the process of launching a new variety of apple called Kissabel. This variety stands out in the apple market as the flesh comes in various shades of red to pink. There are three sub-types to the variety, with the skin between these ranging from red through to yellow or orange tones.


The three sub-types of Kissabel apple have subtle differences in their flavour profile, and Worldwide Fruit wished to develop their understanding of the particular audience for each variety in terms of consumers' visual and flavour preferences. Worldwide Fruit also wanted to know how Kissabel apples compared with competitor varieties, and where they sit in the market in terms of the target audience profile and consumer perceptions of the apple.



40 respondents were selected from England Marketing's consumer panel, with various demographic requirements being taken into consideration. The products were packed and shipped on-site at our Research Hub for at-home taste testing.


Participants were asked to review the apples for their appearance and taste. This included recording videos showing their initial reactions to the apples to gather additional qualitative data. Once respondents had sampled the apple, they were asked to complete an online survey on their apple preferences, their thoughts on the Kissabel variety, and their propensity to purchase.



The research participants gave detailed and honest feedback around their apple purchasing habits, the appeal of the apple, the barriers to purchase, and a complete taste testing analysis, including video uploads of their taste testing experience. The report included a full statistical analysis and played a major part in communicating to retailers the appeal of the variety and its place in the market.

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