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Win the Wellies!

A bit of fun for our farmer panel...

We have a new competition that launched in our newsletter last week for all of our panel members. With over 400 farmers and counting on our panel we are really getting noticed when it comes to agricultural research as the place to get farming opinions.

We have 25 years in the agri sector plus two of our directors still run the family farm. Our team spoke to over 2000 farmers last year and we are already going to beat that by the 6 month mark this year. We have projects coming up in dairy, insurance, biodiversity, qualifications and many more - almost all of them have an incentive attached unless they are for charity or government research.

So as a thanks to our members, we wanted to run a competition to give something back and swell our numbers to bring even more opportunities to the farming community to have a say in the vast changes happening in the sector.

How do you enter?

All you have to do is sign up to the panel - link below - and then share the link with your friends. There is a question to let us know who sent you and who ever gets the most mention when we close the competition before the next quarterly newsletter will get a brand new top of the range pair of Le Chameau wellies. T&C apply. Closing date is 30th August 2023 so you have lost of time to hustle your mates into saying you sent them and we will get the wellies to you before the rain arrives!

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