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  • Esme Jepp

Which Mince Pie is Top of the Charts this Year?!

It's the most important research of the year, and hopefully we're just in time with the results before you finalise your mince pie purchases this Christmas!

It wasn't one of our formal, client-led projects, but this Christmas we thought we'd invite our panel to our Research Hub for a mince pie and a hot drink as a way of saying thank you for all their input on projects over the past year, but we threw in a bit of a twist (we wouldn't be researchers if we didn't...)

We scoured all the major supermarkets for their entire mince pie offering, and put our panel's taste buds to the test to see whether the difference was clear between budget, mid-range, and luxury mince pies, and which ones came out on top!

And the winner is...

Sainsburys Taste the Difference mince pies came out on top!

These were the most popular option chosen by our panellists based on appearance, and they stood up to tasting as well, with the majority of people correctly placing them at the luxury end of the market, and commenting on the buttery, flaky pastry and boozy hint to the filling.

If you attended and particularly enjoyed your mince pie (or want to know which ones to avoid!) then the full list of mince pies and the colour we allocated to them can be seen below:

Grey - Lidl Deluxe

Red - Heston for Waitrose

Dark green - M&S Collection

Khaki green - M&S Food

Purple - Morrisons The Best

Dark blue - `Morrisons own-label

Light green - Waitrose own-label

Orange - Sainsbury's own-label

Brown - Sainsbury's Taste the Difference

Black - Tesco own-label

Light pink - Tesco Finest

Yellow - Aldi Holly Lane (own-label)

Light blue - Aldi Specially Selected

Dark pink - Asda Extra Special

And here are the scores on the doors - which will you be purchasing this year? Or are you making your own?

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