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What's New Wednesdays?!

There isn't much to do in Lockdown 3.0, which is why so many of us have turned to the kitchen to excite and inspire our lives as we enjoy a favoured human past time...eating.

Retailers have responded vigorously to the appetite of the consumer for new and exciting trends, products, packaging and flavours, fuelled enormously by a spike in social media content.

Waitrose reported a 22% rise in egg purchasing inspired by the TikToc trend for tornado omelettes (Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2021) and mothers everywhere have been dispatched to the supermarket freezer sections on the hunt for 'little moons' which experienced a 700% demand increase in Tesco this week (The Grocer).

Not to mention the slew of new products that have hit the chillers for Veganuary - every type of processed meat you can image, reimagined in plant based format.

2021 doesn't look like it will be slowing down on the new product development as trends for how we cook, how we shop, and how we eat are set to change fundamentally as a result of the pandemic, greater awareness of personal health, sustainability and dare we mention...Brexit!

To that end, we should get to the point!

We are going to be reviewing new products to the market as a team effort for England Marketing. We aren't running the research projects in the volume that we hoped for but we will aim to provide funny, interesting and hopefully useful reviews of some of the fare we find on the food shop. First up are the culinary delights we found throughout Veganuary!

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