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Jan England speaks to Christine Tacon about the importance of Market research

England Marketing MD, Jan England, was invited to talk at the Women in Food and Farming event this month on the importance of Market Research - they must know she couldn't resist giving a behind the curtain look at some of what we do for some of the food that you put in your trolley.

“Women in Food and Farming” is a group of professional women in food, agriculture, and the land-based industries at all stages of their careers, who get together to discuss business issues, support each other via mentorship and advice, and help generate networks of contacts that might be useful to themselves and their businesses.

Christine Tacon, former Groceries Code Adjudicator, current chair of Assured Food Standards and founder of the network, led the chat with some of the burning questions on research in 2021.

Jan said...

'I was delighted to be asked to join Christine Tacon and the WIFF team to expound the virtues of research for the ever changing food and agriculture sectors. It is so important to ask questions and then question the answers as part of a process cycle.'

The full interview s available below

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