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Please join us in welcoming Ellie to the team!

Ellie Burgess, a recent graduate from the University of Birmingham and our latest addition to the team, has wasted no time in rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in at England Marketing. Armed with her degree in Sports Science, Ellie's enthusiasm for both food and agriculture is exactly what we were looking for.

Clearly not one for paddling in the shallows, Ellie's few months so far have consisted of undertaking tasting training, attending Cereals (one of the UK’s largest agri shows) and assisting on running a taste testing panel for a project on tonic water. She has also now taken over the role of Panel Manager, so look out for any exciting new updates or social posts!

We are looking forward to getting to know Ellie more over the summer, but here are five things so far:

1. Foodie Extraordinaire: Ellie's love for food extends beyond nabbing a job with us. We were delighted to learn that she has not one but two of her very own Instagram food review accounts, where she rates roast dinners from various establishments across the region as well as blogging about her own kitchen experiments. Her discerning palate and enthusiasm for culinary delights are sure to bring a unique perspective to her market research efforts.

2. A Schöffel Enthusiast: Ellie's fashion sense includes her fondness for Schöffel, a name synonymous with the agri community. It seems she is rarely seen without one of their stylish gilets, owning an impressive collection of 11 different designs and colours.

3. Sports Leader: As the former president of the University of Birmingham Hockey Club, Ellie's commitment to sports is evident. Her passion for hockey even influenced her decision to pursue her chosen course of study and attend the University of Birmingham, known for it’s successful hockey programme!

4. Val D’Ellie: When she isn’t tearing up a hockey pitch Ellie’s sporting interests find her on the slopes. If it’s recommendations on where to stay, what to do and what to eat then she is your gal.

5. #BootsforBurgess: Ellie made the bold claim that she thinks she can grow our farmer panel to over 1000 farmers by the end of the year. Using your bonus for the first designer handbag or heels is not uncommon, so knowing her love of a particular brand of country boot, we have promised to take her shopping to Fairfax and Favour if she reaches this ambitious target! If you want to help her out, please sign up to the farmer panel and support her using the #bootsforBurgess hashtag!

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