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  • Jess Knights

No more food waste!

Food waste charity, FareShare, have launched their new campaign which is calling on the government for a 5 million funding per year to get wasted food from farms and food producers on to the plates of those who need it.

We know from speaking to clients, suppliers and farmers in the agricultural sector that this is an industry wide challenge, not just with producers but right through the supply chain structure.

Our research across the board from producers and logistics through to consumer attitudes on waste identified that the awareness of the problem is growing into the consumer consciousness and to protect reputations, credibility and sales, organisations must bee seen to act. Taking part in a campaign that ensures cost effectiveness for farmers to distribute surplus is essential.

We have our own hands-on experiences of this pressing issue every time we look out of the window. Being based in rural Cambridgeshire from being based on a farm to having nearly all of our staff involved to some degree in the agriculture sector by way of background, business or interest.

So we need your help! We are supporters of this campaign and ask our clients, suppliers, consumer panel and the public to click here to send a messages direct to your local MP! You can also help by giving this post a share and using the hashtag #foodonplates

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