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  • Esme Jepp

New panel prizes up for grabs...

If research has taught us anything, it is that everyone is different. So, we are really pleased to give our panellists the opportunity to ‘Pick their Prize’ for our prize draws both on projects and on our quarterly panel prize draws.

Previously, we have offered Amazon vouchers as we are a small team, they were easy to administer and gave people lots of choice. But we have to admit, we felt that we were doing a bit of a disservice to the industries we work in.

For our winners, they will now be given the option of choosing from a selection of the list below (the options may differ depending on the project);

We have chosen these options as many of them are clients, or local businesses to us, charities or associations we have worked with. If you have any other ideas and think they should be featured in our ‘Pick a Prize', we are always listening! We will continue to offer Amazon vouchers as where else will you find finger covers for cheesy food, chicken harness and leads, or bacon plasters?!

Don’t forget, the next panel prize draw is at the end of the month and you can double, triple, quadruple (or more!) your chances of winning by getting friends and family involved. Just have them sign up and say that you sent them and we will give you an extra draw for each person you get to join. Here is the link to send them to sign up. If you really want to boost your chances, share this post or reshare our social media post to your account – we do not advocate bullying them into it, but be as persuasive as you like!

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