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Market Research Society Net Zero Pledge

We are proud partners of the MRS Net Zero Pledge where we have committed to undertake 4 key principles towards ensuring we are fully sustainable by 2026. To comply we must;

- Commit to be Net Zero by 2026

- Publish our carbon emissions

- Collaborate for best practice across the sector

- Encourage call outs by employees and clients on environmental concerns.

This was a natural step for us, we have been heavily involved in many sustainability projects over the years and this year alone have spoken at a number of events on the importance of our impact on the environment, as a business, as a community and as humans.

So far, we have planted over 100 trees around our office in Cambridgeshire, being as flat as it is around these parts we have already seen a difference...though we won't be having picnics under the trees for a few years yet!

We are currently leasing some of the land our converted barn is stood in to crop research in producing alternative rotation crops at a profit that is economically viable for farmers and good for the environment. If you have an interest, you are welcome to come and take a look at what we have. Having an agricultural background means we can tell you a bit about it too!

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