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Join us at Festival of Fresh - 13th July 2021

We are pleased to be presenting the findings of our latest independent report as part of Festival of Fresh 2021.For the 6th year running England Marketing has undertaken industry research on behalf of the fresh produce sector to better understand consumer attitudes and opinions.

This year more than ever, we have seen a shift in drivers to purchase, fuelled by Covid-19 implications, greater concerns about the environment, interest in cooking at home and personal health.

We look to report on consumer awareness of commitments to carbon neutrality within government as well as the retail sector. We have the most up to date reporting on campaign awareness, policy making understanding and attitudes to packing and labelling - all invaluable insights to the sector.

The full report will be published on our website after the event, to see the headliners, make sure you register for the free event here, and check out our video on 13th July 2021, Track One at 11.15am 'The Road to Net Zero'

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