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In the Pink for Autumn 2019

It’s a great feeling when hard work comes to fruition

If you are industry nuts like us you may have heard about the new 'Pink Apple' developed and produced by Kent growers, AC Goatham & Sons, the first harvest is set to be a bumper crop of 'Flanders Pink'.

It has been an exciting process for us, gathering consumer feedback to support the development of everything from the name, to the taste and crunch of the new apple. In collaboration with their design and PR agencies we set about establishing how the very first commercially grown British pink-skinned apple lined up to other premium apple varieties.

Working with Goatham's has been a pleasure, we have similar approaches with a slant on innovation so we wanted to provide the insight that would support Goatham's delivery style.

Our technique paired tried and trusted methodologies, including workshops, taste testing and A/B testing with state of the art biometric testing in to add layers of insight that were previously not available outside of scientific laboratories.

We monitored sensory changes using galvanic skin receptors and heart monitors to add weight to our research findings. Understanding the true differentiators between a new product and what already exists in the market place is valuable in making bold claims in your marketing and advertising of a new product that stand up to consumer scrutiny.

As Flanders Pink goes into stores across the country – you can be assured that every aspect of this delightful new variety has been explored, examined and ultimately enjoyed.

Carol Ford, Commercial Director of AC Goatham & Son was reported in the FPJ as saying:

This is an exciting development for our team which has taken significant investment and collaboration to produce and we are delighted with the results – the very first commercially grown pink-skinned apple. Flanders Pink has scored highly in the all-important taste tests as well as being suitable to grow in the UK’s damp climate. It also travels and stores well – vital for modern apple varieties, so that they reach the end consumer in the very best condition

The launch of Flanders Pink comes in a year when Goatham’s significantly extended the season for the British Royal Gala apple, ensuring supply for over 48 weeks. And for a company who now grows over 350 million apples and a further 50 million pears each year Goatham’s are almost certainly going to be a firm feature in a fruit bowl near you for the foreseeable future.

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