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Give peas a chance!

When polled (and we love a poll!) Over 50% of consumers had no idea that the humble pea made up such a large proportion of plant based protein sources.

Peas are in fact one of the most complete plant based protein sources there is, and while they are not a perfect substitute for meat, they are set to form a large element of the market for the growing trend for sustainable sourced plant based food.

As a farmer's daughter and keen consumer trends analyser and committed flexitarian, our Account Director Clare Otridge, was recently asked to present at the British Pea and Bean Growers conference on opportunities for pea and bean protein in the context of the growing plant based product market.

This market study, identifies the market place, the headroom, the potential limits to growth and the resulting opportunities and threats that peas and pea protein faces.

If you would like to download a copy of the presentation please see the link below. if you would like to talk more about plant based opportunities as a grower or as a producer of pant based food products, please get in touch -

Pea and Bean Conference - Including Notes
Download PDF • 2.69MB

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