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Download a free copy of the FPJ Report

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

As part of the Fresh Produce Journal's Festival of Fresh in July, we asked our consumer panel about their thoughts, cares, behaviour changes and preferences when it comes to their food on the theme of 'The Road to Net Zero'.

As you will see from our previous video, it unearthed some fascinating insights that will be useful up and down the food supply chain to help anticipate the changing marketplace we find ourselves in coming out of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

You can download the full report below. We are giving it to you as a freebie, if you want to show your appreciation please tag us in any posts you share or cite our research in any reports you produce...we would love to see our work out there in the wild!

England Marketing FPJ Festival of Fresh Report
Download PDF • 12.03MB

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