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  • Jess Knights

Does size really matter this Christmas?

The re-homing charity, British Hen Welfare Trust is urging all consumers to stop buying large and extra large eggs and purchase mixed sized eggs to protect the welfare of hens. Nearly 42% of commercial hens are laying large or extra large eggs. Large and extra large eggs are not usually a natural process for hens due to genetic modification and can cause serious health issues for the poor girls!

Given how many eggs every one is likely going to get through at Christmas time between brunch, yorkshire puddings, custards, cakes and more we wanted to raise the issue.

It's not something we had realised until recently and as a team with 11 kids between us, we have all changed our purchasing habits in sympathy!

The British Hen Welfare Trust said that consumers should look to change their purchasing habits by only buying mixed sized eggs. There is also a bonus to the consumer in buying smaller eggs, they have a bigger, creamier yolk to the egg white ratio, compared to large eggs which have a large amount of watery egg whites. This certainly helps when baking cakes! Move over Mary Berry!

Our recent study on consumer shopping habits shows that 56% of people would rather buy British over imported products so make sure you look out for the Red Lion on your eggs too.

We are asking all from consumers to supermarkets, livestock farmers to supply chains to ditch the large egg and let mother hen do what she does best and lay perfect sized eggs (of her choosing!)

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