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Back to normal(ish)

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

It was so great to have voices echoing through the Research Hub once again this week. We took every precaution we could within the building and halved the size of focus groups to allow for social distancing...which meant twice the number of groups that we would normally have.

Though it was busy for us, we had some great feedback from the panel members;

'I was totally comfortable with how England Marketing dealt with everything from social distancing to sanitization of the areas.'

'It's a great space to feel almost back to normal without getting too close to anyone'

'It was a nice change to what has been a bit boring over the last few months, and I felt totally at ease with how social distancing was conducted'

'I've been shielding since March and this was my first trip out, I felt totally safe'

We were where we are happiest, trying fresh produce, new flavours and products and having the Research Hub open once again to our panel.

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