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  • Jess Knights

Back British Farming Day

The UK has some of the highest standards in agricultural production and welfare that our farmers must adhere to by law. Increasingly, due to global food production factors and leaving the EU, imports that don’t adhere to these standards are creating unfair competition for our own farming community when they are already struggling against consumer demands and pressures from retail.

Today, a leading voice in British Farming has launched their #backbritishfarming day. The NFU has launched their campaign to ensure that at least 60% of our produce is from our hard-working UK farmers and any imports and must legally comply to the UK’s High standards, which at present it isn’t.

From our own recent research for the Fresh Produce Journal, we found that 85% of consumers always look for the Red Tractor and/or British Lion symbol on their food.

We have been closely working with numerous farmers and leading agricultural companies up and down the country over the last year in respect of their produce and animal welfare standards.

We personally know the effects of how hard British farmers work being based on a family arable farm that has just been assessed for red tractor standards so we know the work that goes in to preparing for and undertaking the high standards of assessment.

Join us in our mission to spread the word about our amazing, hard working UK farmers and to help increase the numbers signed on the petition already.

Sign the petition here , share on social media and use #backbritishfarming

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