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10 Reasons to join our Consumer Panel!

We built our consumer panel after noticing a gap in the market for a specialist research panel of genuinely keen foodies – so we decided to create one!

Our panel now totals over 9,000 food enthusiasts whose opinions have been used in bringing new products to market, and offering opinions on packaging, flavour and ingredient combinations for household name brands.

We’re always keen to hear from people with a genuine interest in food, drink, and sustainability who are keen to have their say on what hits the shelves and take part in research opportunities, so we thought we’d put together a list of the top reasons for joining England Marketing's consumer panel!

1. Be the first to taste test innovative new products before they come to market

As a panellist, you will be among the first people to taste test and give your opinions on exclusive and innovative new products, flavours, and combinations before they hit the market. Feedback from our panel plays a crucial role in shaping the final offerings of brands, from start-up challenger brands to household names, helping to determine whether they hit the shelves or not!

2. Get paid for your opinions

Your opinions matter, and we believe you should be rewarded for sharing them. When you join our consumer panel you open up opportunities to take part in paid taste testing, focus groups, and mystery shopping experiences, and get paid for your time and your input.

3. Frequent prize draws

Being part of our panel community not only offers paid research opportunities, but also puts you in the running for regular prize draws for any other research that you participate in.

Not only that, but to show how much we appreciate the time and effort you dedicate to our consumer panel, we hold a quarterly £100 prize draw exclusively for panellists. Just for being an active member, we will automatically enter you for a chance to win – and you get to pick your prize, so you know it’s what you REALLY want!

4. Influence leading brands and have your say on what hits the shelves

By joining our panel, you become an influential voice in the decision-making process behind the products that make it to the shelves in your preferred store. Brands turn to us to gather insights on crucial aspects such as branding, packaging, flavour combinations, and target audiences, and they want your opinions! By taking part, you can help inform these decisions, ensuring that the products you see on the shelves align with your preferences, and communicating directly with companies, letting them know what matters most to you and shaping the future of the products that are available to purchase.

5. Take part from anywhere in the UK

Many of our taste testing projects are remote, meaning we send the products to you to try out from the comfort of your own home! Whether you're in London or Leeds, Cornwall or the Cairngorms, you can participate in our research opportunities.

6. One-Off Wins

Keep an eye on our social media channels! We frequently run exclusive panel competitions where you can win gourmet hampers, vouchers, annual memberships, and access to food subscription services.

7. Appreciation for your individual experience

Unlike other panels that only offer points for prizes, treating you more like a survey machine than a human being, we believe in quality over quantity and recognising active participants. By engaging with our panel and responding to opportunities in a considered way, sharing your knowledge, experience, and informed perspectives, you increase your chances of being chosen for the highest value paid projects. We’re also very selective about the research opportunities we send you, meaning they’re only ever in line with the things you tell us you’re interested in when you sign up, so we’re never in danger of spamming your email inbox!

8. Not Just a Number

At England Marketing, we prioritise the human element in market research. Unlike panels with massive participant numbers, we provide personalised attention. With a dedicated Panel Manager and real people available to assist you via phone or email, we ensure your voice is heard, and you receive the support you need throughout your consumer panel journey.

9. Fun to do with friends

Being part of our consumer panel doesn't have to be a solitary experience. Invite your friends to join you and compare your tasting preferences together. Enjoy the process of discovering new flavours, discussing new products, and sharing your opinions, then use your payment for participating in research to grab a drink with your mates after you’re finished!

10. Part of a community

Our consumer panel is different to other panels as we don’t let just anyone join. Everyone who signs up is required to fill out an application form letting us know why they want to be part of the fun, and our Panel Manager checks them all individually. This means that you’ll be part of a community of likeminded people who share similar interests with you, and whose opinions companies are keen to hear and act upon!

If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved with then click on the link below to let us know that you're keen to join and why - we're always delighted to have new foodies on board!

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