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Pikt are part of the Sunfresh Produce Group. They offer fully flexible box schemes, with no subscription necessary, to discerning consumers who value fruit and vegetables that are ethically sourced, Fairtrade, and certified organic.

Pikt were growing at a steady rate but were aware that in order to grow their customer base and open up more opportunities they needed to have a solid marketing strategy in place.



This research was conducted in stages - an initial online survey sent to Pikt's database of customers to understand the wider picture of consumer engagement with fresh produce box schemes and obtain insight into competitors. The second stage determined demographic and geographic information, household income, food shopping habits, and key importance for consumers in their purchase decisions, whilst the final stage utilised this data to inform a customer segmentation model.



The customer research paired with the panel research identified that there was a misalignment between the perception of the customer and the reality of the audience profile. England marketing analysed the data to produce data led customer profiles and the messaging strategy for each of them as well as their behaviours, attitudes and attributes.


The research led to a change in both the online strategy and the positioning of the product in the marketplace.

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