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Understanding what customers like and why they like something is key to driving the ongoing development of products and sales performance.


Caroline Chipper | Head of Commercial



MM Flowers wanted to fully explore how customer choice varied across retailers and develop their understanding of the types and styles of bouquets that appeal to consumers and why. The research findings were intended to support a major category review, informing strategy development, identifying the purchasing decision hierarchy, and increasing understanding into how to influence purchasing over the next few years.



Using a combination of online research to capture a range of shopper preferences across the retailers, combined with a hall test amongst shoppers, we were able to provide a useful depth of understanding. The hall test allowed our panel members who regularly shop at particular named retailers to comment on a wide range of rose and protea bouquet formats to identify preferred bouquets.



Our feedback provided a beneficial steer to MM Flowers, who have subsequently been able to guide the major retailers on the most  combinations for bouquets that are most favoured by consumers. The online research we conducted also served to illustrate that purchase of flowers from supermarkets is an increasingly regular occurrence amongst shoppers. 

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