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Great collaboration in an open and transparent way to help us achieve our outcomes in a complex project. Fantastic partner in these projects.


Renaud Loesel | Account Manager





In 2021, England Marketing were commissioned by Ipsos, an independent global research agency, to conduct some research on behalf of Bayer Crop Science. For this piece of research, Bayer wished to understand how farmers and farm managers across the UK, Europe, and the US were implementing environmental and sustainability measures into their processes, along with the affect that these changes had had on them and their operations, if any.



We undertook 200 x 45-minute telephone interviews with UK-based farmers and farm managers, discussing environmental considerations within the sector. These interviews took place over a period of two months, with farmers and farm managers from our own database of over 2,000 contacts being invited to participate.



This research assisted with the development of Bayer’s future strategies and forecasting for future trends, providing a strong basis from which informed development and sound recommendations could be made, on the basis of the likely direction of travel for the future according to responses to the questionnaire.


The responses to our interviews were submitted to Ipsos for analysis, and used as part of the wider picture of research from both Europe and the US to inform Bayer of the differing attitudes, approaches and strategies being put in place by farmers across the globe.

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