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Our consumer panel totals over 9,000 keen foodies, dedicated to giving brands detailed, personal insights into all aspects of product development, from flavour combinations, to ingredients, packaging, branding, and so much more! 


Whether you are here because you work for a brand looking to commission some research or are a member of the public with a keen interest in food and sustainability looking to get involved in taste testing and giving your opinions on what you want to see on the shelves, the links below should provide you with all the information you need - and you can always get in touch with us on the contact form below if you still have further questions! 


If you have a project that needs to recruit participants that have a special interest in food, the environment, and sustainability then look no further. Check out our 'Panel Book' page to download information about our panel, then get in touch to see how we can help support your research needs. 



If you're a keen foodie with strong opinions on food and drink, how its made, where it comes from, and what's available on the shelves to buy, then we'd love to have you on board!

If sharing your opinions with food and drink brands, influencing the products available for you to purchase, taste testing the latest innovations in food and drink, regular prize draws, and getting paid for your views sounds appealing to you then check out the link below to find out how to sign up!


As well as prize draw incentives for participating in some research opportunities, we also offer a quarterly panel prize draw simply as a way to thank our panellists for being involved - all active members get an automatic entry for the chance to win a prize of their choosing worth £100! Check out our latest winners using the link below!

The Legal Bit

We want everyone on our panel to feel well-informed and secure in sharing information with us, so we have a comprehensive privacy policy in place to reassure you as to how we will keep your data safe, as well as extensive terms and conditions relating to our prize draws so you can be reassured that you are being treated fairly. You can take a look at them using the links below. 

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