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From tractor to table

We are the only agency to operate across the entirety of the food and agriculture supply chain - not just in market research, but also in researching market opportunities. We cover everything from sustainability and net zero challenges on farms and landscapes, through to how consumers buy and prepare their groceries. 

Where it all began

Starting out in 1994 on the kitchen table with an idea, we have since converted a tractor shed and grown in size to include a tasting studio, development kitchen, field trial sites, and a great team with over 100 years of combined experience of researching food and agriculture. We have a specialist consumer panel of over 9000 and a farmer panel of over 500 farmers. 

The Team

Our project managers, supported by a network of industry experts and a team of research executives across the country, can draw on skills in data science, qualitative and quantitative research, consumer marketing and psychology, communications and audience engagement for each job. 


By operating this way, we can remain agile and flexible in this fast-paced, multi-disciplined and ever-changing industry. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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