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Our approach benefits from wider and deeper cross-sector experience gained from over 25 years on the job.

We have purpose built research facilities, our own consumer panel and a dynamic in-house team that will think around, above, below and through a challenge to deliver insight you can actually use. 


We deliver insight led, qualitative and quantitative research spanning the food, agriculture, heritage, environment, technology, and manufacturing sectors.


Where it all began

Starting out in 1994, we have since outgrown four sites. In 2018 we doubled the size of our current site to offer a full service research facility - The Research Hub. We are ideally situated on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens, noted for being one of the largest food production areas in the UK and recognised for leading technological advancement. 


From tractor to table

We are the only agency to operate across the entirety of the food and agriculture supply chain - not just in market research, but also in researching market opportunities.

Who we are and where we are going

Our culture is very important to us, and has been a driving force in how we do business and will continue to be so. Our award-winning flexible working practices means we are able to adapt quickly and creatively to deliver clients the very best service.


We blend traditional market research techniques with the most up-to-date technology available in the industry. 


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You won't find a research partner that will work harder for you to deliver a fresh perspective and invaluable insight.

From business development to strategic decision making, we are able to use our experience and research to identify opportunities and efficiencies

How well do you know your stakeholders or customers? See your business through their eyes - the good, the bad and sometimes even the ugly. 

Moving People
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You can become a member of our panel here too


We have our own panel of over 1000 foodies with very discerning outlooks on everything to do with food, from where it comes out of the ground to how it ends up in our mouths, and every package, shop and trolley it passes through in between. 

Find out more about our panel research, as well as how to become a member, on the link below. 



Every project we run is totally bespoke to the needs of the client.


As well as a crack team of  in-house researchers, marketing experts, strategic masterminds and project management ninjas, we also have a network of partners with specific skill sets who support us in delivering the best possible results for the client, depending on the most specific of needs and knowledge. Our partners cover everything from PR and Media production, through to technical experts in galvanic skin response.

By operating this way, we can remain agile and flexible in this fast-paced, multi-disciplined and ever-changeable industry.

They really are a great bunch, and it means our clients can get exactly what they want without spending a fortune

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The Research Hub, Fenside Road, Warboys, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE282XR

TEL: 01487 822320  |

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